Previous Members

Personnel / Previous Members

NameFormer Postdoctoral FellowsCurrent Affiliation
Asirvatham, Victor; PhDPostdocFlorida Atlantic University
Bhatia, Anil; PhDPostdoctoral Researcher, NSF-JST IOS# 1139489 Metabolomics: Advancing the Scientific Promise to Better Understand Plant Specialized Metabolism for a Low-Carbon Society, Feb2017-Aug2018, Oct. 2018-Sep2019.Research Scientist, Univ. California, Riverside
Bedair, Mohamed; PhDPostdoctoral Research and Staff Scientist Noble Analytical Chemistry Core Facility Crop Analytics, Bayer/Monsanto Company, St. Louis.
Bench, Bennie J.; PhDPostdocChemist, Tyson Foods Safety and Research Laboratory, Fayetteville, AR
Donnelly‐Davis, Bryna; PhDPostdoc
Elmer, Aaron; PhDPostdoctoral FellowProfessor, Murray State College, Tishomingo, OK
Farag, Mohamed; PhDPostdocAlexander von Humboldt Fellow,
Global Young Academy member, and
Associate Professor
Pharmacognosy Department, Cairo University,Egypt
Fine, Dennis D.; PhDPostdoc, 2012-2015EPA
Ghosh, Rajarshi; PhDPostdoctoral Fellow, 2019-2021Kaleido biosciences
Kumar, Santosh, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow, Discovery and Elucidation of Triterpene Saponin BiosynthesisDonald Danforth Plant Sciences Center, St. Louis, MO.
Li, Wensheng, PhDPostdoctoral FellowBayer/Monsanto, St. Louis
Qiu, Feng; PhDPostdoc, 2013-2018Intl Flavors & Fragrances
Former Professional Staff
NameCurrent Affiliation
Broeckling, Corey; PhDResearch Associate, 2004‐2006Director, Colorado State University, Proteomics and Metabolomics Center
Duran, Anthony; MScResearch AssistantCargill
Huhman, David V., BScAnalytical Chemistry Core Facility Coordinator, 1999-2015, Noble FoundationAnalytical Chemistry Core Facility Coordinator, 1999-2015, Noble Foundation
Fuego, Marianni; BScResearch AssistantOU Graduate School
He, Xian-Zhi; PhDResearch Associate, 2012-2013Univ. North Carolina
Henson, Shelagh; BScResearch Technician, 2010-2015Retired
Lee, Jeonghoon; PhDResearch Associate Proteomics, 2012-2013LSU Dept. of Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry Facility
Ray, SutankaAlgae, Microbial Metabolomics Research Network Coordinator. NSF-IOS Award#1340058, 2014-2015.
Reith, Dennispart-time administrative assistant, 2016-2017Univ. of Missouri
Robins-White, RebeccaBSc., summer teacher intern 2005Ardmore High School Biology/Chemistry teacher
Sarma, SauravMU Metabolomics Center Research Specialist IIBayer
Wang, Hua MU part-time laboratory assistant, 2016.HyVee
Wherritt, Daniel; PhDNoble NMR Instrument Coordinator, 2013-2015. Special Research Associate & Magnet Lab Facility Manager, University of Texas at San Antonio; 2016-present.
Name Former Graduate StudentsCurrent Affiliation
Hightower, AaronB.S. Sumner Intern 2008BSc Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Graduated University of Oklahoma Medical School 2013, Completed Christi Family Medicine Residency 2016 in Kansas City, currently MD with St. John Health System, 2016 to present, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Cooney, Leslie; PharmDBiochemistry Summer Intern Jun-Aug2022University of Missouri-Columbia
Schroeder, MarkGraduate student, MU, Biochemistry 2016-2020Amgen
Zhang, ChaoBSc. Summer intern 2009Current: Instructor at Weill Cornell Medicine, NY; PhD Graduate University of Missouri, Computer Science
NameFormer Undergraduate Researchers and InternsCurrent Affiliation
Broeckling, AlanUndergraduate Intern 2002 & 2003
Caro, MichaelHigh School InternUniversity of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Pharmacy
Dao, Kristin2012 Summer REU NSF-JST Metabolomics for a Low Carbon SocietyPharmacist in Charge (PIC) at Lake June Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacist at CVS Caremark
Dixon, Arthur2011 Summer intern: metabolite spectral librariesLatin American Literature Today and World Literature Today
Fennel, Patrick Summer intern 2001 & 2002Emergency Medical Technician
Grant, TreyonResearch Experience for Undergraduates Summer 2013 and 2014OU College of Dentistry 2018-2022
Hudelston, KaristaSummer intern 2004
Jantz, Amanda Summer Intern 2010; NSF Oklahoma EPSCoR 2011 summer REU Metabolomics and Genome Wide Association Mapping for the Elucidation of Triterpene Saponin Molecular Biochemistry in Medicago, #EPSCoR-2011-15
Kramer, Skyler, BSc. BiochemistryUndergraduate researcher; NSF-JST IOS# 1139489 Metabolomics: Advancing the Scientific Promise to Better Understand Plant Specialized Metabolism for a Low-Carbon Society, May 2018-Aug. 2019.Univ. of Missouri,
NIH BD2K T32 Predoctoral Fellow
Digital Biology Laboratory - DBL
MU Institute for Data Science and Informatics
Landers, LucasUndergraduate summer intern 2010Digital Retoucher at Saks Fifth Avenue, studied at Pratt Institute
Moreira, CesarUndergraduate Noble Scholar, 2007Currently, Merck & Co. Past: University of Florida
Studied Alternative Energy - Biofuels at University of Florida
Watson, MichaelUndergraduate intern 2010
Wood, KeishaUndergraduate summer intern 2006 & 2007Physician Assistant Certified (PAC) at Pelle Spa. Graduate of Physician Assistant Program Univ. of Oklahoma
The list above contains previous Sumner lab members while at the Univ. of Missouri, Noble Foundation or Texas A&M University. Please feel free to email me if you are not on the list or you have update information.