JOB OPENING-Undergraduate Research Assistant

Undergraduate Research Assistant- Bioanalytical & Bioorganic Chemistry

The laboratory of Lloyd W. Sumner (Department of Biochemistry/MU Metabolomics Center) seeks to hire immediately one or two part-time (10 h/week) undergraduate research assistants to support the development of a NCCIH-funded Natural Products-Magnetic Resonance Database (NP-MRD).  The incumbent will perform NMR literature data curation, support acquisition of raw NMR data, and upload raw NMR data of natural products into the NP-MRD. Based on quality performance, the positions may be extended to 20-30 hrs/week over the summer. Interested candidates are encouraged to visit the NP-MRD website for more details about the project.

Job Description and Specific Responsibilities:

  • Search scientific literature (Google Scholar/PubMed) to locate publications with high quality NMR data of natural products
  • Curate NMR chemical shifts and associated metadata into NP-MRD database
  • Collaborate with data curation working groups from other institutions to facilitate efficient data curation
  • Assist postdoctoral research fellow Dr. Raj Ghosh in raw NMR data acquisition using a 600 MHz NMR with 1.7 mm cryoprobe.


  • Junior or senior undergraduate student (Biochemistry/Chemistry major) with knowledge of bioorganic chemistry/bioanalytical chemistry
  • Must have taken a minimum of organic chemistry
  • Experience with NMR and/or an advanced instrumental analysis class (preferred)
  • Proficient in computational tools for data organization and data upload
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to adapt/learn new computational tools
  • Ability to work in a collaborative environment

Additional Details:

The Sumner lab is a leading research laboratory in bioanalytical chemistry and metabolomics. Ongoing research activities in the lab can be found in the Sumner lab website:

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact:

Prof. Lloyd W. Sumner (email: